Cicada. Finally!

Kristal, and some of my other blog/photog friends are always getting great pictures of Cicadas. I was upset because I have never seen a live one, much less gotten to shoot one! Well, here in Virginia my daughter lives on the third floor and in front of her balcony is the top of a tree.

We were sitting in the living room and she saw something fly into the tree. She asked me if that was a hummingbird? I got up to see and it was a Cicada!!!! I ran and got my camera.

 photo 4x6 DSC_5430wm_zpszdmot5ht.jpg

 photo 4x6 DSC_5397wm_zps2ppry6cv.jpg

He stayed a while and even posed for me. :)

Our Family has EXPANDED GREATLY in 3 Weeks Time!

It is hard to believe that these three little boys all joined our family within 3 weeks of each other!

 photo 8x10 IMG_4299wm_zpskvim7ssy.jpg

Back in December when Ladybug got married, she told her Dad and I to be prepared because she WOULD get pregnant on her honeymoon! We just laughed. HA! Joke was on us.

Her and Mr. T did get pregnant on their honeymoon. Ladybug was going to have our FIRST Grandbaby in September.

Then we were later surprised with our Nephew’s girlfriend’s pregnancy and then Fireman and his finance, Miss M.’s pregnancy!

It had worked out that instead of one Grandbaby due in September….to 3 babies joining our family in the fall. One due in August (K), one in September (E) and one due in October (J).

Ladybug and Miss M. were exactly three weeks apart the whole time. And then we found out about our Great Nephew’s intestine issues. The Drs decided to take him 5 weeks early to do the surgery to fix his belly.

Our boys all were born within an exact 3 week time period.

We are blessed!

E-bug’s Announcement.

Our second Grandson was born to our Daughter and her Husband.

 photo 4x6 DSC_5585wm_zpswqor1qaf.jpg

I flew up to Virginia 3 weeks before because it was too stressful as my Daughter was having contractions, shooting pains, lots of pressure and was already 2cm dilated. Her husband works at night. It’s ok that he took 3 weeks to come, because we were able to get a lot done before he came!

 photo 4x6 DSC_5614wm_zpseojnvctz.jpg

As they were getting discharged from the hospital we did a little photo shoot. E-bug was a bit fussy and the nurse kept interrupting us, but at least we got something.

 photo 4x6 DSC_5657wm_zpsta6tkyn4.jpg

What a lovely new little family.

 photo 4x6 Eian Announcementwm_zpsgtckkmdm.jpg

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G’mar chatima tovah!


“g’mar chatima tovah”

“A good final sealing”, which idiomatically means:

אתה במאי להיכתב בספר החיים

“May you be inscribed in the Book of Life!”

May your day of fasting go well and that you may be written in the Book of Life… for a good and healthy year!

Want to know more about the biblical holyday called Yom Kippur? Click here.


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