Israel Here I COME!

I am flying to Israel today! Soon I will be experiencing the land of my faith, the land of my Bible and the land of my Rabbi & Messiah Yeshua of Nazareth. What a privilege and blessing it is to make this aliyah [going up], to Jerusalem…the place where ADONAI put His NAME!  (I Kings 11:36; 2 Kings 14:21; 2 Kings 21:4, 2Kings 21:7)

Posting this here for my benefit and yours.:)
 photo 4x6 Flag_of_Israel.svg_zpsm2qqdost.jpgUS Embassy in Israel
U.S. Citizens needing immediate assistance
may call the Embassy at any time [972] (03) 519-7575

Estimated cash exchange (currency rates as of Jan 2016)
$1 USD is equal to about 4 NIS (new Israeli shekel)
The shekel comes in denominations of 20, 50, 100, and 200
1 shekel is 100 agorat
$5 USD is about 20 NIS
$12 USD is about 50 NIS
$25 USD is about 100 NIS
$50 USD is about 200 NIS

Helpful phrases in Hebrew [Ivrit]
Hello- Shalom!
Good Morning- Boker Tov
Good Evening- Erev Tov
Goodbye/See you later- L’hitra’ot!
Ma Nishma- What’s Up?
Please/You’re Welcome -B’vaqashah {My FAVORITE word in Hebrew!}
Thank you -Todah
Excuse me – Slichah
Okay -B’seder
Do you speak English? -Medaber Anglit?
Where is the bathroom? -Eyfo ha-sherutim?{Most important phrase in Hebrew!}
{A new one for me}…. I’m tired- Ani ayef (m)/ayefa(f)

Fort Morgan, AL. Beach House.

We headed out to the Beach House at Fort Morgan, AL. We were stayed from Thurs – Sunday. It was nice to have all 15 of us in one house (that wasn’t mine! Hee hee).

 photo 4x6 IMG_1861FAwm_zpsffbuxv17.jpgOur Rental slept 16 and was big enough for everyone.

 photo 4x6 Beachhouse_zps1zg6moxa.jpg

The best part was 4 days with our boys. {We love our Grammy and Pops shirts from Etsy!}

 photo 4x6 GrammyPops_zpsg9c1olfx.jpg

The Beach House we rented was in Morgantown.

 photo 5x7 FTMALBeachwm_zps0hyphtrs.jpg

The community had 2 pools, tennis courts and a boardwalk to the beach. {The collage below looks like fog, because it took my camera forever to warm up one morning when I went out to take pictures because of the humidity.)

 photo 5x7 Beachousewm_zpsmwu4lyst.jpg

The minute we got unpacked all the youngins headed to walk the beach before sunset.

 photo 4x6 Familybeach_zpsrxd0evyq.jpg

{Sunset taken by Ladybug}

 photo 4x6 FortMorganBeach_zpswbpwxv1u.jpg

Every Family took a turn cooking a meal. Everyone did great, it was all delicious and we were well fed.

 photo 4x6 IMG_0495wm_zpswq8uxyr6.jpg

This was going to be both boys first time in a pool and at the beach! Pops and I decked them out in their matching swim suits & shirts, hats and goggles. Their parents got them these floats for the pool and Aunt/Mommy Ladybug got the matching Tula Wave blankets.

 photo 5x7 Boysreadyforthebeachwm_zpsx6j9uas4.jpg

The boys loved the pool. Especially K-man. I think he will be a FISH like his Daddy! He was kicking his legs. photo 4x6 Pooltimewm_zpsyxu3qbxh.jpgEian loved it too, splashing around.

 photo 4x6 Ebugbeach_zpsri6hftsc.jpg

My nephews had a blast with the bigger boys throwing toys and them!

 photo 4x6 Kadenbeach_zpsq6jlpgpa.jpg

 photo 4x6 Cards_zps9svmimyn.jpg

In the evenings we were usually playing “Hand & Foot” and eating Twizzlers (they don’t have them in England!)

To be continued….

Part 1- The British Invasion

Part 3- Beach & More.


The British Invaded!

The first to arrive all the way from South England by way of a trip to Texas…. was my Brother, his wife and my 2 nephews! My Brother had come last year for Fireman’s wedding, but the others we (sadly) hadn’t since in EIGHT years! WAY too long.

 photo 4x6 IMG_0202_zpsdwspzna6.jpg

The next day was the day that Ladybug, Mr. T, and Ebug would fly in and everyone else would drive in! The boys all went for a ride in Uncle Eric’s Jeep with the Top and doors off.

 photo 4x6 Jeep_zpsawgghzdk.jpg

 photo 4x6 Eiancomestovisitwm_zpsof6efzg4.jpgWhile the rest of us  (Ms. M, My SIL and K-bug- Fireman had to work)…..went to the Airport to pick them up. (Ladybug has Kman in her Tula in the picture and I have Ebug! LOL!) photo 4x6 Family_zpsto7efxuh.jpg

Mr. T’s Mom came just in time as we were leaving and took their luggage and got to see Ebug before heading back to work. (They were staying there for a few days so they could see Mr. T’s family before he had to fly back on Sunday, since we would be at the beach the rest of his time here.) After everyone arrived including my parents and other brother (we were only missing our youngest brother & his kids), including Fireman home from work, we ate dinner.

 photo 4x6 KadenTripRiah_zpsudjl0ij7.jpg

We had fun catching up but mostly playing with the babies. It was so FUN to have them both together.

 photo 4x6 EainPops2_zpsir40fdyz.jpg photo 4x6 EaiPops3_zpsuv8tvqbr.jpgThe next morning we had more baby time and my nephews had fun helping with the boys including feeding them But mostly entraining them.

 photo 4x6 BoysGma_zpsgs7tkncx.jpgIt was a houseful, but it would be only for a couple of days.

 photo 4x6 KadenDad_zpstymerkdi.jpgGrammy had lots of toys for the boys to share. Our portable highchair came in handy and was used constantly!:)

 photo 4x6 EainJamie_zpshjrl0ork.jpgThen it was time to pack up and head to the BEACH! Fort Morgan, AL. here we come.

*Theses are all iPhone pictures, I either already shared the ones I took with my camera or will soon.

Part 2- Beach House & Pool.

Part 3- Beach & More.


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