My “NEW” Website.

This really is a long drawn out story….I will try to shorten it as best I can. BUT something I was DREADING, the LORD turned into a Blessing and an ABUNDANT Blessing at that!

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It all started with my current desktop iMac. I have had this thing since 2009. It has endured like a champ. BUT I am entering the threshold of it now limiting me (photography wise) because although it’s been upgraded with RAM, and its operating system, it is limited in other areas, especially speed in how I use it.

So, we have looked at many options to replace it and the best seems to be taking my MacBookPro and hooking it up to a Thunderbolt Screen, so I have the best of both worlds. My “desktop” screen for editing images and a laptop to be portable when I need to be.

Great….but then the trouble started. I have a lovely Photography website. It is my portfolio. The template for it cost me a couple hundred bucks a few years ago. When I went to find out from the company how to move my website’s template, I found out…THEY WENT OUT OF BUSINESS!!! And there is NO WAY to move the template to a new computer (believe me, I tried). SO> If I left my website as it was, I could never edit it. And I would be paying almost $100 a year for hosting a website I could not change or edit. NOPE.

So, my only option was to get a new website. WELL< after thinking about it for a while, I already use Zenfolio for my proofing for clients. So, I decided to “settle” with using JUST that as my website. Don’t get me wrong….its a nice enough site, but it REALLY was going to be “stepping” down from what I had.

I was excited to re-do my website as it had been on my project list for a while. BUT I was also dreading it at the same time. Now it HAD to be done right NOW….I had a deadline of March 1st hanging over me, as that’s when my website hosting renewed for a year.

I begged the LORD to help me figure out WHERE I could get an assistant to HELP me. Help me get the process done FAST. Everyone I could think of, was busy with their own life, businesses, or school, etc. Though what I wanted them to do would be “simple” after the initial learning process. Finally, I thought of my daughter-in-law! She has the baby but Fireman works 24 shifts, so she could edit when the baby naps and at night after he goes to sleep. It would be a great skill to learn and she has been interested in photography before! So, I asked her and though hesitant that she could learn it, she said yes.

We got started with our first night of lessons. With my grand baby on the floor playing behind us, (we’d stop to feed or tend to him or just play with him for a break), I taught her the process I needed done and just in teaching her we got a lot done! I filled up a folder in Dropbox, giving her access and I sent her home with the basics of the process.

So, we have been working for 2 weeks and are now 80% done! We worked our way through 2007 to 2016! Now mind you my business was UP AND RUNNING for 2007 & 2008…I began in 2003 with film. 2005 I slowly transitioned to digital and was learning studio lighting. By 2006 I was going…..and by 2007 I was doing 7 photo shoots a week and 12 weddings a year (a fellow photog friend and I helped each other, second shooting for each others weddings).  We worked from 2016 backwards. When I got to 2008 I just about cried. Thank the LORD my DIL was helping me.

Now for all the BLESSINGS. First off, my DIL has done an AMAZING job! She learned so quick and not only did exactly like I asked, but began being able to anticipate what I would want. She was making decisions on things so I didn’t have to. And if she had a real hard one, she’s just text me a picture of the screen and ask. :)

Second, as I began exploring Zenfolio, which I hadn’t done in a while because I just used it as a proof site and didn’t need other features they offered. I realized I could use all these new features that they had come out with but I was ignoring! And I discovered that I could choose a template now that was similar BUT even better to my other expensive website.

Third, my old website ran on a system that was not compatible on cell phones, you had to pay extra for that, so I never upgraded it. I never worried about it because my proof site (Zenfolio) did! And that’s where my clients saw there pics anyway. :) Well, now my “NEW” website is compatible on cell phones and tablets, etc. FOR FREE. No upgrade needed!

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Fourth, I removed my “old” website and canceled the hosting which saved me the almost $100 a year. I repointed all of my domains to the “New” website. Including Mommytography!

Fifth, I am able with these new features to move all of that over here too and have everything in one location! Which that is on my project list as well….I am putting Mommytography online as a self-paced course. I will still do live workshops, Meet and Shoots, and even online ones once in a while….but this way no one has to wait on me to take it!
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Lastly, it’s DONE for the most part (enough to look presentable)….I am going to slowly go through 2003-2006 and work on those. They are not even on my external hard drive anymore, I will have to re-edit a lot of them as I was also just learning Photoshop, if I’m going to use them. I did re-edit some of the 2007 ones! Mostly just darkening the B&Ws and a handful of ones with WB issues.

With my DIL’s help we accomplished something that would have taken me six months to do AND my “NEW” website is AWESOME, modern and fixed up just like I wanted it. When I am completely done, I will have literally “touched” {digitally} every image I have shot (for clients) in the last 13 years! Another Blessing… it was fun reminiscing, and it also made me wonder about a few families….like some of my weddings, do they have kids now? Some of my newborns…they are 9-13 years old now!

So, the point of this post is to tell you the LORD took something I was dreading, and made it a BLESSING many times over! It ended faster, cheaper and BETTER than I could have every imagined. Go check out my “New” website and tell me what you think?

Next on my list is digitalizing our family’s VHS videos and editing them.




We have had lots of fun with our oldest Grandson. Being Grammy & Pops is the BEST thing in the whole world.

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{He was very happy, but the sun was in his eyes, so he doesn’t look it! Our 70 degree weather in Jan/Feb has been GREAT.}

But we MISS our E-bug so much!!!! So, Eric asked me what I wanted for my upcoming birthday….and I said to go to VA! :) We leave Saturday morning.

Reading List. 2016

Reading List B&amp;W

Read since Jan. 1st, 2016~

♥= loved!
√= ok
X- didn’t care for
no mark = means it didn’t spark any emotion, wasn’t bad, wasn’t great.


Spark Joy by Marie Kondo (Companion to The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up) ♥

The Shofar by Richard Booker ♥

Still Working on-

Reading…Torah, Torah, Torah by Peter Thalhofer (Almost done!) ♥♥

Reading… Children of Abraham by Daniel Gruber (Almost Done!)

Need to Finish… Biblically Kosher by Aaron Eby (Still trying to finish this, it’s SOO deep!)

Reading…The Messianic Siddur -arranged by Tim Hegg {using this in a online course I’m taking}

Reading…Chofetz Chaim: A Daily Companion by Michoel Rothschild {from our James Study} (Daily)

RE-READing AGAIN….In His Own Words by L. Grant Luton. Only because I am teaching from it each week in my Getting Started in Hebrew class! This is my ninth (or tenth?) reading of this book.  ♥♥♥♥♥

On Kindle 

Reading….Sitting at the Feet of the Rabbi by Lois Tverberg & Ann Sprangler (Almost done…having a hard time because I don’t like this book. LOL!)

Reading…The Beast that Crouches at the Door: Adam & Eve, Cain & Abel, and Beyond by Rabbi David Forhman


Reading/Listening…Journeying Toward the Spiritual: A Digest of The Spiritual Man by Watchman Nee

Listening…Treasures in Heaven by FFOZ (DVD, taking notes)


Reading…Your Camera Loves You: Learn to Love it Back by Khara Plicanic {Love Khara and wanted to support her work, and even a Pro can use a refresher once in a while!}

Reading…(New Version) Trim Healthy Mama by Serene Allison & Pearl Barrett


~Do you use to keep track of your books? I love it.~


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