Holocaust Remembrance Day.


Today is Yom HaShoah/Holocaust Memorial Day commemorating the extermination of 6 million Jews at a time when there were only 15 million Jews in the entire world. The systematic Nazi murder wiped out 40% of the Jewish population. In absolute numbers this makes the Holocaust equivalent to three thousand Sept. 11th’s or equivalent to the massacre of 120 million Americans (borrowed from Nehemiah Gordon).

One of God’s earliest promises is that He will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel. He always keeps His promises. And He also always leaves a remnant! The Hebrew nation has resurrected from the ashes, and not only became a nation once again but also has the only language in the world that was completely extinct and which has also been resurrected!

But the thing most most people forget or don’t realize about the Holocaust is that this was not just about the Jews but also 5 million “enemies of the state” were also murdered. Who were they? Catholics, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Roma Gypsies and other minority groups, Homos*xuals, the elderly, physically and mentally handicapped.

In these numbers from both categories were  1.5 million CHILDREN!

Please check out the Paper Clip Project from Whitwell, TN.- there is a film on Netflix about this called Paper Clips. You can also google the Button Project from Peoria, IL.


{The top portion is the last part of the Shema -from Deut. 6:4}

This image is from the Memorial inside the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C.- you can read about our visit their a few years ago, here.

I am wearing my Paper Clip, are you?

Our Family Passover Seder. 2016

At our Family Seder we had a LOT of help! Everything got done so quickly that we sat around for an hour and chatted! This year we separated the tables into “families” of 8 people with a Mama & Papa at each end.

 photo 5x7 FamilyPassover2016wm_zpscpbrjbk1.jpg

This time we didn’t need “kitchen help” so I got to sit at the head table, though still as the child (I am the youngest after all!) so, I could read the Four Questions in Hebrew, etc. (I made it into TWO pictures!! Fireman took my camera and took a couple of pictures for me.)

 photo 5x7 FamilyPassover3wm_zpshit4zzj2.jpg

Fireman, Miss M. and K-man got to come. We so wish the others could be there too but we had to wait four more days for them to arrive.:) And for the record I made Mrs. Criddle’s THM Turtle Cheesecake again, and I forgot to make two! I DIDN’T EVEN GET A PEICE! GONE.

 photo 5x7 FamilyPassover2wm_zpsmvo9v9r9.jpg

We had about 68 at this one too, but the difference was for the most part everyone here attends our congregation. It was a blessed night “Doing This in Remembrance of Him” {Yeshua of Nazareth, the Messiah}, the Passover Seder as He instructed His disciples to do.

Lashanah Haba’ah B’Y’rushalayim! ~ Next Year in Jerusalem!

(or for me Next MONTH! YEAH!)

Reading List.2016

Reading List B&W

Read since Jan. 1st, 2016~

**Wanted to read about 4 books a month but THEN I decide to read the Bible in 90 days again! So that takes up most of my reading time. But it’s worth it!:)

♥= loved!
√= ok
X- didn’t care for
no mark = means it didn’t spark any emotion, wasn’t bad, wasn’t great.


Spark Joy by Marie Kondo (Companion to The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up) ♥

The Shofar by Richard Booker


The Bridge by Karen Kingsbury ♥


Havdalah by Neil & Jamie Lash ♥

The Sabbath: Entering God’s Rest by Barry & Steffi Rubin ♥

Zondervan Atlas of the Bible by Carl G. Rasmussen♥♥ { I know it seem weird saying that I read an Atlas….but it’s MORE than an Atlas!!! And it is in preparation for my trip to Israel in May.


Torah, Torah, Torah by Peter Thalhofer ♥♥

Boundary Stones by Aaron Eby ♥

Children of Abraham by Daniel Gruber (Whew…took me FOREVER, and not because it wasn’t good…just deep!)

The Exodus You Almost Passover by Rabbi David Forhman ♥♥

The Messianic Siddur -arranged by Tim Hegg {Used it for an online class.} ♥♥

Fair Play by Deeanne Gist ♥

The Easy Guide to Shofar Blowing by Arthur L. Finkle


Still Working on-

The Complete Jewish Bible– From Genesis to Revelation in 90 days….just in time for my trip to Israel! I’ve completed the Torah through Ezekiel.

Journeying Toward the Spiritual: A Digest of The Spiritual Man by Watchman Nee ♥♥♥♥ Got about 3/4 of the way through as a pre-read to make sure it would be good for our Women’s Bible Study…and now started back at the beginning withe the ladies!

Biblically Kosher by Aaron Eby

To Life! by Yaffa McPherson {my Hebrew teacher for the last 3 years!}

To Pray as A Jew by Rabbi Hayim Halvey Donin

On Kindle 

Sitting at the Feet of the Rabbi by Lois Tverberg & Ann Sprangler (Almost done…having a hard time because I don’t like this book. LOL!)

The Beast that Crouches at the Door: Adam & Eve, Cain & Abel, and Beyond by Rabbi David Forhman

Pants Optional by Carol Stenigreaber (My hubby’s cousin’s wife)


Your Camera Loves You: Learn to Love it Back by Khara Plicanic {Love Khara and wanted to support her work, and even a Pro can use a refresher once in a while!}

(New Version) Trim Healthy Mama by Serene Allison & Pearl Barrett


~Do you use goodreads.com to keep track of your books? I love it.~

Our Community Passover.2016

This year we had 2 separate Passover Seders once again. About 68 people at each one. This first one was a week early, as it was our Community one, which is a TEACHING Seder. We literally teach people this is what we do and why.

 photo 5x7 ComPassover 2016_zpswbqj5csg.jpg

We had 4 at the head table leading and 5 in the kitchen/back working. (only three pictured below as I hardly ever make it in pictures and my other friend worked right next to me, so didn’t make it any either.) I also read the “child’s” Four Questions in Hebrew and took pictures.

 photo 5x7 ComPassover2016bwm_zpsgjmvwdgv.jpg

It was a great success. I know of a couple of families who went and had their own Seder’s on the actual night of Passover! YEAH!

 photo 5x7 ComPassover2016awm_zpsmjnqqvjg.jpg

The great part about having two is we can leave the room set up for the next one, though this year we did it a little different, as you will see in the Family Seder post.

A Week & 1/2 Later.

These pictures were taken a week and 1/2 after the first images I posted (taken 4.8.16)! They were even prettier! The Tiger Lilies bloomed and the Hydrangeas opened, etc. (These pictures were taken 4.18.16)

 photo 5x7 2nd pics of flowerswm_zpsnfjwgrre.jpg

And if you can believe it they are STILL on my table as I am posting this! The Lilies had to be thrown away and the orange roses in the center look at bit dry but otherwise still gorgeous. This means they have lasted 3 1/2 weeks! Talk about getting some BANG for my BUCK.:)

Loxley Strawberry Festival.2016

This year Eric & I decided to go to the Loxley, AL. Strawberry Festival for the first time. I brought my camera but didn’t use it much as there were SO many people!!! photo 4x6 IMG_9808wm_zpsnrxbigyc.jpgI did use it to get a pictures of the car show.  photo 5x7 Carshowwm_zpshmh5t2iw.jpg photo 5x7 Carshow4wm_zpsvqtgfrwc.jpg photo 5x7 Carshow2wm_zps6jxxlbb2.jpgEric loved the Jeeps! And I had him take a picture of me with this trunk! I have a picture of me at a family reunion IN the back of the trunk of a green car JUST LIKE THIS ONE…cooler and all…but I’m holding a chicken leg instead of an ice cream cone. LOL! photo 5x7 Carshow3wm_zpsmomrjoda.jpgIt was a gorgeous day and glad we went. The strawberries were HUGE! We didn’t get any or a picture of any. Plus the line for the Strawberry Shortcake was WAY TOO LONG.



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