365 Project. My 12 best from 2014.

Scratch that and make it my Best 10! As I dropped out in October due to my neck pain. I am still dealing with it, but can deal with it in small doses of desk/editing/blogging/computer time.ūüė¶

 photo 8x1012fave365pwm_zps8e8c9043.jpg

3 thoughts on “365 Project. My 12 best from 2014.

  1. You have beautiful pictures…
    What class would you recommend for me? Taking better pics? or Getting to know your camera?
    I do need to ask you a question? I need to know how to blow up my pics? When I tried to get a canvas of one of my prints it said something about the pixels being wrong?? Can you help me out again??? LOL

    • Whichever one you like! I have a deal if you sign up for both at once, if that helps!¬† The one coming up is the 101B & you can¬†schedule the 101A for later if you¬†want.¬† Your images for print have to be 300dpi and a printable size like 4×6, 5×7, 8×10, and those doubled. It can’t be something weird like 3×5 or 7×9, etc. You can send me the photon email and I can look at it. Tell me what size you wanted it printed as too.¬†¬†

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